Nerd Alert

Is it weird that I’m looking forward to the Scripps National Spelling Bee?  Shut up, I IMG_1197love that crap!  It makes your brain work!  What’s better than a bunch of tweens and teens spelling words I can barely pronounce?  My favorite part is when they ask for the “country of origin” and can figure out how to spell a word simply based on whether it’s latin or french.  Those little whippersnappers are some smart cookies.

I wish ESPN didn’t put the word on the screen when the kids stand up there and stare at the ceiling though.  I sometimes want to attempt to spell a word myself, but I don’t have the patience to close by eyes.  I need to see those kids think!!

ESPN, ya’ll.  Wed & Thurs.  The finals are even on ABC during primetime this year!

It’s good stuff.


2 thoughts on “Nerd Alert

  1. Uh, I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t feel like the sharpest knife in the drawer while watching the spelling bee. :) I am always in awe at their ability to figure out spelling based on country of origin and pronunciation. Oh, and they’re like 12 years old.

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