Oh. My. Caps!

Simeon Varlamov is my new favorite person on earth.  The kid just turned 21 a week ago, varlysave_bloghas reflexes like a cat and can play defense when the Capitals are struggling, thus shouldering the entire team until the rest of them can get it together.  I often find myself yelling “DOES VARLY HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING!??!”

During the first game of the Caps/Penns series, we saw Varly make a ridiculously awesome save.  I mean, RIDICULOUSLY awesome.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it here.  The kid has so much potential that I just want to make him some cookies, wrap them in saran wrap, tie a bow around them and say “thank you.”  He is a beast and I am immensely grateful to have him on our team.

r4092563040Then of course we have Ovechkin.  Kid (yes, I refer to him as that – he is  after all, 23.) scored a freaking hat trick during tonights game and I nearly peed my pants.  I love his enthusiasm.  I love that he plays like a kid and plays like every goal is Christmas morning.

I love, love, love it, ya’ll.


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