Does a difference really help?

For the first two interviews I’ve had in the last two weeks, I basically went through the same routine.  I listened to the same music as I got ready, drove to a specific playlist on my iPod, and even wore the same nail polish — seriously, my patterns were almost identical.   But today, I changed it up.  The interview went well, so I’m fingers crossed (yet again) that maybe my minor changes AND nailing the interview will secure me the job.  I should know by tomorrow!

Here are my awesome differences, cause I know you want to know!

– Listened to One Republic while getting ready instead of Britney Spears.

– Wore pale pink nail polish instead of dark plum.

– Drove to interview listening to Taylor Swift instead of Kelly Clarkson.

– It was pouring rain instead of being a gorgeous and sunny day.

– I actually showed up exactly 15 minutes before the interview as opposed to getting there 30 minutes early and forcing myself to wait in the car.

…here’s to hoping these minor tweaks helped!!


One thought on “Does a difference really help?

  1. YAY for changes!!! sometimes those little things do make a difference! I got your email…not sure why i didnt get it at work! GRRR. YAY for the job interview!!! The best thing to do is get in the door somewhere, and keep your head up knowing there is room for growth!!! Hopefully you will get a call today!!! The job sounds interesting and fun! Are there people there that are our age? If so that will be VERY nice…no matter where you go hopefully you will make more friends. thats always a plus with whatever job a person gets. Keep me posted!!!

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