.02% is Not a Good Return Rate

deskfilledwithresumes_thumb41I sent out my 101st resume today.  101st!!!! Even more depressing is that I’ve only received two calls to actually interview.  Job 1 I didn’t get because they told me I didn’t two days ago, and the interview for job 2 is this Friday, which by the way, I have good feelings about.

It’s just really frustrating to think that you’re one of probably hundreds applying for ONE job.  Half the time I wonder if my resume was even viewed because of the number of applicants.  It’s ridiculous.

When I made the decision to begin looking for job, I knew that it wouldn’t be easy.  The economy is in the shitter, people are being laid off left and right, and there are probably more unemployed people than jobs available.  I knew it would be difficult, but I didn’t realize just how difficult.  It’s kind of discouraging to only hear back from .02% of the people you’ve contacted.  Eesh.  I’m still sending positive vibes, and I’m still feeling optimistic, because I know it will happen, it’s just going to take some time.

It could always be worse though – I could be this guy.  Hey, at least he’s proactive.



2 thoughts on “.02% is Not a Good Return Rate

  1. Patience, perseverance and positive attitude!
    There’s surely a perfect job out there for you – someone is looking for a candidate just like you! And you two will soon meet.
    Makes any sense?:)
    Good luck

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