10 Years Later – Remembering Columbine

April AnniversariesToday marks the 10th anniversary of the shootings at Columbine High School.  What was once a regular April day in the suburbs of Denver, changed the town of Littleton, and our country forever.  Never before had we seen such a random act of violence committed by teenagers.  Of course since April 20, 1999, we have seen much worse, but it still doesn’t answer the questions of “why.”

I remember standing in my house in Chantilly, having just returned home from running errands, when I flipped on the TV and started hearing about a mass shooting in Colorado.

Having only lived in Virginia for 2.5 years at that point, I felt that I still had close ties to Colorado, and was eager for more details as to what school and city the shooting occurred.  When I heard Columbine, it was heartbreaking.  When I played Tennis at Rampart we played Columbine during a state tournament.  I didn’t know anyone there, I didn’t attend the school, and I didn’t live in their community.  But, it still stung.  It was closer to home than I would have liked, even with my living 2,000 miles away.

So today marks the 10 year anniversary, and I will think of the survivors and their families, hoping that they are living happy lives and are moving forward from this terrible tragedy.

A few news organizations put together some really good pieces and updates on Columbine:





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