Fingers Crossed!

happywoman1-main_fullSo I had my first job interview in two years yesterday, and I am pleased to say that I think I nailed it.  For having been focused strictly on school for two years, it was definitely intimidating to go back into a professional environment.  But, I felt like I did the very best that I could, and leaving the building with a sense of excitment was the best feeling I could ask for.

With that said…I really want the job.  And it’s not because I want a job in general.  I really want this specific job.  The description of the job functions seem right up my alley, it sounds interesting and dynamic, the people were incredibly friendly, the environment was comfortable and my commute would be less than 20 minutes.

I’m trying so hard to not get my hopes up too much.  I mean, I feel like I nailed the interview, but who knows.  I’m not the one making the hiring decision, so they could go with a different candidate.  If I’m not the one selected I will obviously be disappointed, but I know it’s nothing personal.  If someone is more qualified than me then they are.

But I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  And my toes.  I’m sending positive vibes into the universe, being optimistic and just hoping for the best.

The good thing is that they are looking to fill the position quickly, so I should know by this Monday or Tuesday whether the job is mine.  Thank goodness for a short timeframe to wait.

I’m sure I’ll be updating next week with the verdict.  Keep your fingers crossed!


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