Google is taking over my life…

My friends, I have some advice for you.  Get into “iGoogle.”  ASAP!

I’m a major fan of all things Google, so when they released iGoogle a few years ago, I was on that train instantly.  I loved the convenience of having all of my junk on my “homepage,” and I love all of the different add on’s you can integrate into your page.  There are endless possibilities of what you can put on your page — anything from your e-mail, perez hilton, weather, quotes, and a million other widgets.  You can customize every single thing, which really allows for a site that is created justfor you!

You can even select different backgrounds and themes from designers like Dolce & Gabanna, Jimmy Choo, Betsy Johnson, Michael Kors and more.

I live by this stupid website.  My calendar reminds me what to do everyday of my life and I love it.  Thank god for Google.

Here’s a view of my iGoogle page to get an idea of wtf I’m talking about.  :)



3 thoughts on “Google is taking over my life…

  1. WOMAN! Get, uh, on the times! Basically it’s a feed aggragator…it takes all of the RSS feeds that you subscribe to and organizes them in an easily readable format. I’ll have to show you one day…it’s much easier to explain in person. :-)

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