Book of the Moment

51e3ctnt08l_sl500_I started reading a book called Caught Stealing, by Charlie Huston two days ago and I am already riveted.  Ever read The Catcher in the Rye?  It kind of reads from a Holden Caulfield perspective, which I love.  The story lines are completely different, but the way it’s written reminds me of that.  Considering Rye is one of my favorite books of all time, it’s no wonder I’m enjoying Stealing so much!

Check out the synopsis from and read it if you can!

This engaging debut novel delivers fresh, jazzy riffs on the innocent-man-stumbling-into-jeopardy genre. Having fled California for New York City after an injury cut short his promising baseball career, Hank Thompson settles into an aimless life as an alcoholic bartender. Still, Hank prides himself on making Manhattan a bit more hospitable by helping his friends, so how can he refuse when a neighbor asks him to cat-sit? One lost kidney later, Hank realizes that an Elmore Leonardesque collection of Russian mobsters, short-fused cons, and renegade cops will snuff out all 10 lives he and the cat share between them if that’s what it takes to find the not-so-good neighbor. His dull wits sharpened by pain and fear, Hank must keep one bum foot out of the grave long enough to figure out what the bad guys are looking for–and how to give it up safely. With a mania familiar to baseball die-hards, Hank keeps an eye on the playoff-contending San Francisco Giants even as he makes several potentially game-ending errors of his own. This polished debut promises a bright future for Huston and definitely belongs on every Elmore Leonard fan’s to-read list.


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