Second Meeting Gives Me Smiles

72485213kaczthxp I met with my student for the second time today, and I’m excited to say that it went much better than the first time.  I think it’s just going to take some time to really feel each other out and find our comfort zones.  We’re both new to this, so I think it’s understandable.

Anyway, we sat down and I asked him if he had gone over our last lesson since we met two weeks ago and he honestly said “No.  I looked through it when I was bored, but I didn’t really study.”  Kudos for honesty.  I wasn’t even bothered that he didn’t really look at it, I just appreciated him being open about it.

I told him the last time we met that I was going to make up flash cards of the words we were focusing on in our first lesson, so I was excited to use what I created.  Haha.  We went through the cards and they seemed to help a lot.  He definitely seemed to enjoy using the flash cards as a tool and I could see how they were really helping him recognize and memorize the words we were studying.  The way the lessons are done is that they give you about 20 words to focus on and then use those words in a short paragrah to read.  So, once we went over the words, we were able to read the paragraph.

I was so excited when he was able to read the entire paragraph with only one tiny stumble.  I was really optimistic and encouraging and told him how great he did, which he seemed to appreciate.

We closed our session with a quick review and then his girlfriend came over with their 2-month old son so we could chat a little.  He felt a lot more comfortable with me today and we talked about his kids, and like a proud dad, he pulled out a picture of his one-year old daughter who is gorgeous.  It was good to chat a little and not just be so focused on learning.  I think that will help the process.

The best part of my day today was when I was leaving our session.  As he and his girlfriend packed up the baby at the table in the library, I said goodbye and began to walk away.  I don’t think my student could hear me, but as I walked down the hall, I heard him exclaim “I did so good!”  I didn’t turn around, but I smiled as I walked to my car.


One thought on “Second Meeting Gives Me Smiles

  1. Yay! I’m really glad this continues to go well and it seems like you’re really enjoying the extra boost of confidence. Making a difference like this is sooooo good for the soul. Go you!

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