Doom & Gloom

So whenever I read an article on, off to the right is a list of the most popular stories of the day.  I couldn’t help but notice when reading about a shooting spree in Alabama this evening, that 8 out of the 10 most popular stories were all negative and awful.  See for yourself.


1.  Heads in coolers found in Mexico

2.  At least 10 dead in shooting spree

3.  Message found in Lincoln’s watch

4.  Girl has six organs, tumor removed

5.  Police:  “Fight Club” at school

6.  Cold Case:  John and Elizabeth Calvert

7.  No takers for Vick’s mansion

8.  Soldier charged in teen’s death

9.  Harry Potter book fetches $19,000

10.  Gitmo prisoners defend 9/11 attack

I know that drama and tragedy attract attention in the media, but it would be really nice to get some positive news once in a while…


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