Bravo! Bravo!

493px-bravo_tvsvgI think that BRAVO is the greatest TV channel out there.  They bring me such indulgences as:  Project Runway, Top Chef, the Millionaire Matchmaker and the Real Housewives of New York City.

I have to write about the Housewives because I’ve basically been live blogging with my friend Niki via facebook about these crazy bitches.  If you don’t watch this show, order the first season on DVD from Netflix and prepare to feel better about yourselves.  These bitches are NUTS!


I won’t tell you everything, but there are 3 in particular that I love and love to hate.

First is Alex.  She’s this nutty woman who’s married to a completely metrosexual man who loves shopping more than Kim Kardashian.  She named her two little boys cheesy french names like Francoius and Jacque or some crap.  But get this:  She lives in Brooklyn.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the rest of the girls on the show all live in gigantic houses in Manhattan with indoor pools and stuff.  Alex and her nasty kangaroo of a husband hang out in an inflatable pool in their backyard.  In Brooklyn.  But, they vacation in St. Barths, shop for Prada and make me throw up all in one scene.


Okay, next is “the Countess.”  Yeah, there’s a woman on the show who actually refers to herself as that, and I want to shove her face into a pile of horse manure.  She’s writing a book on manners, but lady isn’t all that pleasant herself.  I would no sooner take advice from her than pay to see Hanson in concert.   Anyway, Luann Delesepes (I refuse to call her Countess) married some “Count” who appears to be twice her age and how holds this rich bitch title that she reminds people about continually.  Her nanny/housekeeper went on vacation for a month and she nearly died because she had to do laundry.  I hate her.


Okay, and lastly, onto some good stuff.  Bethany.  God love her.  She’s pretty much my favorite reason to watch this trashy TV show.  She has diarrhea of the mouth like nobody I’ve ever seen, and it’s always hysterical.  I wish BRAVO would just create “The Bethany Show.”  I’d DVR that in a hot second.


You know what’s really pathetic though?  The fact that I just blogged about these dumb women and the lives that they lead.  Truth be told, I’d hate to live the lives that all of them have (except Bethany with her bluntness and that body), yet I somehow find them ridiculously entertaining.  Perhaps it’s because their lives are SO over the top.  Or because there is SO much petty drama.  Or maybe it’s because I just need to get a life.



2 thoughts on “Bravo! Bravo!

  1. I agree with you about LuAnne. If I ever see her, I sware that I will tell her about herself. I love how she is writting a book about manners and etiquette, but she sometimes makes faux pas. I think she should look in the mirror. I liked her last season, but this year, I feel like kicking the crap out of her. I don’t know how the other ladies don’t say anything.

  2. You forgot the craziest chick of all! The one that thinks wrapping her upper lid over her head makes her look sexy! She breaks out in the most awful dancing each time she finds herself standing alone, with one knee in New York and the other in Jersey. It’s really elegant, and useful only when giving birth. Not to mention she says the most obnoxious and ignorant things and doesn’t seem to realize she’s a laughingstock. She’s so horrible it’s mesmerizing!

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