Peacock Alley

I’m not afraid to admit that I wish I made millions of dollars a year so that I could afford $235 for a flat sheet, and $250 for a fitted sheet to cover my queen size bed with.  However, on a student’s salary, or most salaries for that matter, paying that much for sheets is out of the question.

I first discovered Peacock Alley when I lived in Texas.  They’re based out of Dallas and have the most amazing sheets you could ever imagine.  Wrap yourself in a cacoon of 100% Egyptian cotton goodness and drift into the sweetest dreams ever.

When I would see the sheets at boutiques, I would grope them, wish for them, and admire them, knowing that they were so far out of my reach, that I might as well be applying to med school.

So.  Imagine my surprise when looking for new sheets last week, I stumbled upon a brand called XO.  Guess who makes XO.  Peacock Alley!!!  I call it the Old Navy of their branding, but still – I’m ecstatic!

Of all places, XO linens are sold at HSN.  Or Home Shopping Network for those of you who don’t know.  That actually includes myself, because I’ve never ordered anything from HSN or QVC.  Seriously, who knew!

Anyway – I got a set of XO sheets for $59.95.  While they’re not Egyptian Cotton, they are 400 thread count, combed, long-staple cotton.  I have no idea what that means, but it sounds good.

I know it might appear to be silly to blog about something so minor as sheets, but in my world, linens are a big deal, and you can suck it.  There’s nothing greater to me than a wonderful night of sleep, and an amazing set of sheets can definitely contribute to sweet dreams.

* And by the way…when I purchased my sheets, HSN sent me a coupon code for 15% off my next purchase.  If anyone is interested in using said coupon code, just enter C71548 when you check out!


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