Shear Madness & Chef Geoff’s

I’ve been going into DC a lot lately and it’s been a crap ton of fun. 

sheargroup2Last night, I spent the evening at the Kennedy Center to see the show “Shear Madness.”  The show is based around a hair salon in Georgetown where the landlord is murdered upstairs, leading to the salon workers to be accused as suspects.  The show becomes interactive however, when the police actually ask the audience to participate in the questioning.  It was a hysterical and highly entertaining show.  So glad I went. 

After the show, we went to dinner at Chef Geoff’s Downtown.  Yum, yum, yum!


The environment itself was really electric.  The bar was loud and busy and the restaurant itself was lively as well.  If you prefr a more intimate setting, this place probably isn’t for you.  But then again, it’s restaurant week in DC, so that could have contributed to the masses of people.  images5cchef20geoff20downtown21

We did sort of a family style dinner, sharing most of our dishes and everything was supremely delicious.

From sweet potato fries to wilted spinach and garlic to gouda grits to grilled trout and delicious burgers, the whole experience was just awesome. 

Rumor has it they’re going to open a Chef Geoff’s in Tysons this year which means it would be much more convenient to frequent that location.  Yummy times ahead!


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