More on Nadya. I can’t keep my mouth shut!

I’m sorry, but I have to say something again about Nadya Suleman, otherwise known as the “Octo-Mom.”

News broke yesterday that her Mom, Angela, who Nadya and her 14 children live with,  is 10 months behind on her mortgage payment (23k) and has filed for bankruptcy.  Nadya isn’t working, is on welfare and food stamps.

I realize that many people in this nation are in the same situation in regards to the housing situation, but I think her actions are just a bunch of bullshit at this point.  She claimed she didn’t receive government assistance, and then it was found she was on welfare, foodstamps, AND received disability checks from the government for 3 of her older child.  I don’t know what those disabilities are, but she’s still getting help from the government.

So yesterday, she was spotted at NORDSTROM buying MAC makeup.   She’s a genius I tell you.  Bitch has 14 kids and she’s out buying $15 lip gloss.  She’s also been spotted getting manicures and running around with bags of fast food.  I bet tax payers in California are just thrilled with her shenanigans!

Can someone tell me how a woman with 6 children and already on welfare can even AFFORD fertility treatment to get pregnant with 8 more??

Ugh.  I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the more I learn about this woman, the more sick I get to my stomach.  Maybe I don’t understand it, but it’s fucking crazy to me.  And then poor Angelina “Saint” Jolie gets brought into it because of the number of kids that are involved and the very slight, barely resemblance Nadya has to her.  Don’t mess with Angie, ya’ll – she’ll one up you every time.

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