Good Stuff

I’ve watched Top Chef on Bravo since season one, and therefor consider myself a fan. Last year, there was a somewhat abrasive chef named Spike, who while cooked what looked like amazing food, seemed to have a serious attitude. Anyway, he made it into the top four and was then kicked off, and I hadn’t heard much about him since.

However, that all changed this past weekend.  I found out that Spike had opened a burger place on the Hill called “Good Stuff.”  We got there and there was a ridiculous line, but it was worth it.  And, Spike himself was working the line.  Talk about dedication.


I recommend the Colletti Smokehouse Burger and a Toasted Marshmallow Shake (made with fresh custard every morning) .  Spike recommended this combination when I asked him what was best, and boy was he right.

Go to “Good Stuff.”  It’s incredible.


PS:  Just on a side note, Spike was not the abrasive tool that I thought he would be.  He was extremely engaging, actually talked with people, was friendly, and seemed to be enjoying his successes.


2 thoughts on “Good Stuff

  1. It would have never occurred to me that such a thing as a marshmallow shake would even exist, but it was heavenly. Definitely rich, but deliciously unexpected.

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