Holy Freaking Babies

So unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about this lady in California who gave birth to octuplets earlier this week.

Yep, you read that right – 8 babies.  A litter!


As the days have passed, more information has come out about the mom, with craazy details emerging.  Apparently the woman already has 6 kids, is in her 30’s and lives at home in a 3-bedroom house with mom and dad.  Once she brings her litter home, that’s going to be 17 people living in that house.  No way.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to judge this lady, but something about this story bothers me.  Not the kids – but the fact that she’s unmarried, has no baby daddy (except a sperm donor) and is rumored to be on welfare.  With already having 6 kids, what business does she have going to a fertility specialist and having 8 more embryos implanted in her vajingle?

I know I’m not the baby police, but something is wrong when people are able to have litters of children when they can’t even support themselves.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this piece from ABC news.


6 thoughts on “Holy Freaking Babies

  1. One of the most simple and logical rebuttals I’ve heard to this line of thinking goes like this:

    Unmarried guys live with their parents who have 14 kids, often by different women, are not usually ever up for so much public scrutiny and derision. Is it because women often need medical assistance in order to have a dozen kids, and men do not? Or is it because we have a higher tolerance for irresponsibility in men?

    Now, if you’re living with your parents, and they’ve filed for bankruptcy, and you already have 6 kids, a person should think seriously about having more until things stabilize. Clearly, this woman did some thinking because receiving fertility treatments isn’t like buying aspirin, whereas I suspect most guys with a dozen kids didn’t do much thinking or planning ahead at all. But only women seem to catch hell for these types of decisions.

  2. I think in this instance it’s easy to be critical of the woman because she sought becoming pregnant. I don’t often hear of men fathering multiples via egg donors and surrogate mothers. But then again, maybe it’s just something that’s not reported on.

    I’m not being critical of women having a number of children, married or unmarried, with the same father or not. My problem in this specific situation is that this is a person who can not support herself, yet was actively trying to reproduce.

    Again – maybe there are men out there who are seeking egg donors and surrogates and are living with their parents as well, but we can’t criticize because we don’t hear about it.

  3. I wasn’t particularly drawing a connection between egg donor/surrogate-seeking men and this woman’s situation. I was saying that, like Elle Woods would’ve supported in Legally Blonde, that every conscious sperm emission made by a man into a woman that is not followed up and results in a pregnancy is reckless abandonment.

    Men are constantly creating babies and not supporting them, yet we critique women who choose to have children out of wedlock or even without “sufficient means” (whatever that means…I know people without a lot of money who care very well for their children), and we’re even critical of the conscious burden she may or may not be making on the system, when there are millions of men not paying child support to women who have to rely on some other source to help care for their child.

    The fact that she went out and was injected with multiple embryos is indeed concerning. I can’t say that I think it was the smartest decision. And I don’t necessarily think that she isn’t very well off, because injecting embryos and all of the medical care and intervention that requires is EXPENSIVE.

    But the argument I’m making is hypothetical, based on society’s default to always critique the women in these situations and let the men run free…of criticism and responsibility. And we can criticize the men that don’t support their children because we know about them (they clearly were instrumental in the creation of the baby), and yet no one seems to hold them accountable.

  4. holy fucking fuckballs. agree she might be slightly crazy.

    and thanks for your facebook message – i didn’t think you were being a jerk. i think i’ve known you long enough to know that you’re just passionate about certain subjects.


  5. eight kids in one go. now thats what i call an instant family. just add sperm. oh yeah, don’t think about telling the father, he wont stick around.

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