Something Smells Good

I’m not a fan of smelling bad, so I’m a supporter of all things that smell like yum.  Lotions, body washes, perfumes and body sprays are my fav.  So when I came across an incredible deal at Ann Taylor last week, I thought I’d share.

They’re having a 3 for $10 on their selection of body sprays.  There are 6 scents to choose from and normally run $16.50 each.

My personal favorites are the Orange Nectar Honeysuckle and Sugar Vanilla Orchid Bloom.


They have other scents to choose from and I highly recommend that you take advantage of the delicious smelling sprays while you can!

Shannon was with me when I made my aweseome purchase and I figure she based her purchase on one of the following options:

a.  She couldn’t resist a $10 bargain.

b.  She couldn’t resist smelling like me because I’m irresistable.

I’m going to go with answer B on this one.


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