Arctic Adventures Await!

Ashley and I are driving up to Rhode Island tomorrow to visit our BFFSister and I’m pretty sure I might not survive the weekend.  You see, the high this weekend is supposed to be about 10.  Add in a wind chill, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be below zero.

I’m really worried Shannon’s bones are going to freeze and she’s going to snap in half if a wind gust of more than 5mph hits her.

I’m also worried that Ashley is just going to freeze solid upon stepping outside.

So, in preparation, I have decided that I’m going to head up to freezing ass New England completely ready for whatever extreme weather may come my way.  That is why I am going on an excursion today to find the awesome outfit pictured below on the guy on the right.  I think it’s perfect and will keep me safe.  Don’t you?!


Ashley and Shannon are on their own.

This is every woman for herself.

Bring it.


One thought on “Arctic Adventures Await!

  1. OOOOH MY GOD!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH i am laughing so hard!!!! You will look like a marshmallow!!! HA!…. It is gonna be super cold!!! Its freeeeezing today! But you know what? Im thinking its similar to that weekend in Chicago! Remember when we roamed the ghetto streets late at night trying to find that ice rink? Yah i think its cold like that. That was the most torturous walk for me! ;)….Luckily we will only be outside when we get out of the car to run wherever we end up going….but yes, you might want to look for one of these fabulous outfits!!! And def invest in some BOBS!!!

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