The Seacrest Rant

I would just like to go on the record and say that I can not stand Ryan Seacrest.  I feel so overwhelmed by his existence on a daily basis that I sometimes want to peel my own skin off.

First of all, I hate American Idol.  I watched the first two seasons and then was completely over it and the ridiculousness that it has become.  He is the face of effing American Idol, and until the next “idol” is crowned, is going to be all over my TV saying stupid shit with his perfectly manicured eyebrows and gelled hair.

Second of all, he has a nationally syndicated radio show that one of our local radio stations plays in the middle of the day.  If I happen to turn the channel to hear actual MUSIC, almost all of the time, Seacrest’s voice comes blaring out of my speakers.  Nails on a chalkboard, insert iPod.

Third, he has to host E! News now?  Seriously?  I refuse to even WATCH E! now because of him.  Can you say OVEREXPOSURE?!

He hosts New Years celebrations on national television, and was a co-host at the freaking Emmy’s.  Does hollywood not have anyone else who can fill these positions?  Is Seacrest the only human being in the entire world capable of such jobs!?!!?

I want to know who made this ken doll the face of entertainment television, and then I want to kick them in the ribs.



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