Academics, Schmackademics

The Spring semester began today.  Yippee.  No, really.  I’m looking towards to challenging myself again and striving for even better grades this semester.  I’m just not really that excited about the majority of my courses.  But alas, completion of said courses means I’m one step closer towards graduation.

Here are my thoughts on this semesters workload.

Understanding Intercultural Communication

This course I am actually really looking foward to.  The dynamics between different cultures is a fascinating subject to me.  Whether it’s culture in the way we typically think (as in spanish culture, african culture, american culture, etc…) or if it’s subcultures of society (think lower, middle, upper classes in America).  It’s immensely interesting to me how different cultures collide in both positive and negative ways.

Introduction to Theater

No, I do not have a sudden desire to become a thespian.  I have to take this course to fill my last humanities elective requirement and I want to throw up.  I have little to no interest in theater unless it’s associated with one of the following:

  • Um.

Yeah, I’ve got nothing.  I like the arts, don’t get me wrong.  I love museums and the occasional show, but actual theater, as in, wanting to know the history behind production and ancient plays from old Greek guys?  Bleh.

Media Ethics

This class is going to be really educational and interesting or it’s going to suck a big one.  There’s nothing interesting about ethics as far as I’m concerned.  You’re either a good human being or you’re an asshole.  Then again, when it comes to the media, they seem to not even comprehend the word ethics in their daily job, so it may turn out to be a good course. We’ll see.

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Oh. My. God.  I am dreading this class.  I have NO desire to be a publicist and want to smash the face in of the person who decided this course was a requirement for my degree.  Seriously.  When I read the syllabus, I wanted to run to the nearest bridge and throw myself into the icy Potomac.  Really, it’s that bad.  When I discovered I had to write a 5 page speech for some made-up douchebag politician at the end of the semester about outsourcing American jobs to India, it really made me consider abandoning my degree all together.  The rest of the course doesn’t seem like it’s going to be too bad, but I’m going to be dreading this outsourcing bullshit until April.


I am finally finishing my effing foreign language requirement by taking my last German course.  Praise Heidi Klum.  Luckily I’m moderately decent (thanks to living there for 7 years) and am hoping this class won’t be too bad because I swear to God, if I bomb it and have to take it again, I really am going to jump into the Potomac and wish for the bubonic plague.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Academics, Schmackademics

  1. OMG do you have to act in theater? I did at Radford that one year that I went and I about died! I thought I was just learning about it not acting! That was one of my many reasons for leaving school. HA! ;)

    If you do have teo act, maybe you can get some lessons from BJ.

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