For All of You Readers and Tech Geeks :o)

If you know me, you know I’m a reader.

I love going to bookstores, walking through aisles and running my fingers down the spine of a brand new book begging to be read. I love to walk in with a list of titles that I want to read, only to walk out with a pile of books I’ve never heard of. I love the gritty memoirs, the obscure comedies, the light chick lit, and even history. Chances are, I’d be interested in about 85% of what bookstore have to offer.

This blog is not actually about my love of reading, but it’s about how the act of reading has evolved technologically in the last few years.

When introduced the “Kindle,” I was so against it it made my head spin. The Kindle allows the reader to read via “electronic ink” on a screen the size of a small book. It also downloads books within 60 seconds for a fraction of the price that hard copy books sell for. Economically, it’s an investment, as it’s pretty pricey, but, ultimately you get your money’s worth because the books are cheaper to download.

I couldn’t fathom not flipping through delicious smelling pages as I made my way through my next read. I couldn’t imagine not adding books to my collection, filling the shelves of my bookcases for me to re-read at my leisure. The “electronic” version of reading was just not my style and I hated, hated, hated the idea.

But, a year later, I was slowly changing my mind.

I had one to “try out,” and upon figuring out how to work it, I was impressed. The size was smaller than a hard cover book, it was lightweight, it was easy to read and easy to use. When I discovered just how quickly I could get the book I wanted, I was sold. Seriously, by the time I clicked “buy” and got back to the main menu, my new book was there.

I bought my Kindle in October, and I am officially a changed woman. I love being able to take all of my books with me on one device, I love being able to download something whenever I want and I love the idea of saving paper. If you’re a big reader – you should definitely look into this.

While I’m sure that I will still buy some favorites to add to my already existing collection of books, I am confident that the Kindle will keep me happy and reading for many years to come.


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