The whole internet dating thing…

For the past 8 months or so, I’ve been on, putting myself out there in the virtual world, optimistically seeking out a relationship.  There have been a number of guys I’ve corresponded with, some good and some terribly bad.

It’s time I vent some frustrations though, because I am on the verge of cancelling my account and giving up all together.

1.  Why is it that I seem to only attract men who could technically be my father?  When 56 year old men “wink” at me, I literally want to curl up and die.

2.  Why, when e-mailing me for the first time, do about 10% of men send something along these lines:  “Hi, lets get together for coffee.  Call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.”  Seriously.  Do they seriously think I’m going to meet them anywhere without having at least one conversation via e-mail?  Crazies.

3.  Who posts pictures of themselves that are 3-5 years old?  I come across this a lot and it’s very irritating.

4.  About 50% of the guys I “encounter” on post pictures where it appears as though they’re listening to a lecture about the evolution of the ballpoint pen.  Can I get a smile once in a while?

5.  Why is it that the majority of the profiles I run across start with “I’m not really sure what to say here…I’m really bad about describing myself.”  Uhhhhh, if you can’t describe yourself, who the crap can?

I don’t know.  I’m just really frustrated.

If you think you know any single, moderately normal guys who can deal with dry humor, intense sarcasm, and occasional moodiness, lemme know.


PS:  Do not direct any New York Yankees or Duke basketball fans my way.

3 thoughts on “The whole internet dating thing…

  1. Oh girl, I feel your pain. I did Match for a while too and pretty openly said what I was looking for in my profile and got quite a bit of mail that was exactly what I was NOT looking for. When I specify an age range, it means I want you to be in that age range. When I say I don’t want to date someone with kids, it means I don’t want to date someone with kids. When I clearly state what I do for a living, don’t be surprised when I tell you that I work a good bit and am often busy. UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!

  2. UGH. I typed out a whole comment and it ate it. Let’s just say I too did Match and I 100% agree with you. READ FOR COMPREHENSION is all I have to say.

  3. Yeah, I did it too. While I was looking for girls, the same thing was pertinent. I didn’t find what I wanted to find and it was, what I thought, a waste of time. I canceled my account after the free 6 months ended. It did help me realize that while I know what I want, many other people did not. I in fact met many people that I was interested in and they “put me on the back burner”. Other than, keep your head up and keep trying, I don’t know what else to say. I did not enjoy my time on Hope things turn up for you.

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