A Pivotal Moment in American History

No matter who you voted for, this election was a historic one.  I’m not going to preach or proclaim anyone right or wrong – I just want us to step back and look at the magnitude of this election.

For the last 8 years, the country has been all over the place in our political standings.  We’ve been united and we’ve been divided.  We’ve been reassured and we’ve been confused.  It’s been a roller coaster that eventually had to come to an end, and America was ready to speak their voice.  Loudly!  We, as Americans showed up to our designated voting spots in record numbers, and proclaimed our wants and needs for our country.

Our country has elected it’s first African-American President!!!  How exciting is that!?   For everyone who fought decades ago for equal rights for ALL…this day is a triumph of epic proportions.

But, beyond race, we’ve elected someone with new ideas and less experience.  Taking over the current administration in the midst of such a chaotic financial crisis will surely be a difficult task.  But, I have faith that Obama is the right guy.  Though he doesn’t have as much experience as McCain, I think that sometimes new and fresh is better than old and musty.

This moment in our history is huge!  Though I am not African-American, and didn’t live through slavery and segregation, I think that I can still appreciate (or at least try) where we are today, in this moment.

I recently read a book called “Black Like Me” for my Communication Research class.  The book is about a man named John Griffins, who transforms from a caucasian man to an African-American man in the deep south during the 1960’s.  Quite the daunting task.  Reading Griffins words were heartbreaking.  He frequented the same area as both a white man and a black man, and was treated horribly as the black man.  This was only 40 years ago.

Now that Obama is the President Elect, it’s time to sit back and watch the analyzing begin.  From now until January we will continually hear about what “might” happen, and who “might” be in Obama’s cabinet until he’s sworn in.  But, I think one of the most important things that people need to remember is this:  While Obama is a very exciting choice for our country, we must realize that the hope and change he promises is going to take time.  I am hoping that the people who so eagerly voted for him, will wait with eager patience as he implements his policies into his administration.  It’s going to take time and he needs your patience.  :)

I am proud of our country for looking past race and looking at issues.  I am proud of my peers for speaking their opinion and using their vote as their voice.  Most of all, I am proud to be an American.


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