Free Hugs! And a kidney?

I remember a few years ago hearing about this random guy, who took it upon himself to brighten other peoples days by offering complete strangers a “free hug.” Initially I thought “what a weirdo,” but then after I learned more, I thought “what an amazing human being.”

His purpose was to inject some happiness and warmth into peoples lives. Even if only for a moment. Before he spent days hugging people in public places, the “free hug guy,” who’s real name is Juan Mann, had actually battled a bout of depression. His inspiration for giving free hugs? A hug he received from a complete stranger at a party one night.

So now, after years of giving away hugs, and starting the “free hug movement,” the “free hug guy” is taking it one step further. He is planning on donating a kidney to a complete stranger. He will never meet the recipient of his kidney – and he’s content with that. It’s the helping that counts. What does he get out of it, you might ask? One less kidney and a wicked scar.

“I’ll get a cool scar and apparently chicks dig scars.” said Mann.

People like the “free hug guy” warm my heart. We don’t run across such thoughtful, compassionate and giving individuals like him often…but just knowing those people are out there…well, it makes the world a lot more beautiful to me.


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