I love tea. Especially hot tea. I love the process of drinking tea…the boiling of the water, the emptying of the loose leaves into the tea pot, the steeping, and the first taste. I love the variety and how you can find a tea for every situation. You can have it first thing in the morning to get your day started, you can drink it to relax after a stressful day, and you can drink it to help you fall into a warm and cozy sleep.

I love the way that some teas allow you experience so many sensations at once. You can breathe in fruitiness, yet when you breathe out, taste a hint of mint. I love the unexpected flavors dancing around so eloquently across your tounge. I love the simplicity of a white tea, the relaxing nature of a  chamomile, and the burst of flavor that reminds me of the holidays in a chai.

I was at Tysons Corner the other day when I stumbled upon a store called “Teavana.” It’s literally a nirvana of tea. There was an entire wall of loose teas, just waiting for me to taste and buy them all. I was overwhelmed with bliss at all of the incredible options. I left with a bag of goodies. A decaf chai, and a white tea that was like meeting my soul mate upon first taste. I even got a cute little tea pot and an adorable cherry blossom tea cup. Sheer joy.

It may seem silly to some, because after all, it really is just a drink. But to me, it’s heaven. Poured steaming hot into a cup of deliciousness.

Adorable cherry blossom tea cup.

Adorable cherry blossom tea cup.

Loose leaf white tea.

Loose leaf white tea.

Loose leaf chai.

Loose leaf chai.

If any of this sounds moderately interesting, visit their website for loads of fun.  http://www.teavana.com


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