Wispy, White Cotton Balls

I got out of the house today to get some sunshine. I spent a few hours at the pool, enjoying the especially mild heat for August. I lounged on a chaise until the sun saturated me with warmth. Then I lowered myself into the perfectly cooled and perfectly blue swimming pool. The rush of the coolness mixed with the warmth of the sun gave me goosebumps until I dunked my head under the water.

I lounged in the water on a noodle chair, flat on my back floating with freedom. I gazed up into the sky, daydreaming and watching the clouds. Remember the days of Summer when you would lie in the grass, watching the clouds as they changed from one object to another? That’s what I did today. It’s been far too long.

I watched multiple hearts form. White puffy clouds in the shape of hearts, and white puffy clouds outlining the shape of a heart with the blue sky in the background. I saw what appeared to be two people coming in for a kiss, and a small dog turning into a balloon. I watched the big clouds overlap into the wispy clouds creating a beautiful contradiction of intensity taking over whimsy.

Soon, the clouds became dark. The juxtaposition of the dark and the light was gorgeous. The light was transparent, allowing the opaqueness of the dark to overwhelm it. The shapes slowly meshed into one intimidating cloud indicating it was time to go.

After being cooped up in the house for three days, this afternoon was exactly what I needed. Fresh air, sunshine and a reminder of just how much the little things can lift our spirits.


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