What’s the Big Secret?

I’ve never been a big fan or believer of the phenomenon that is “the Secret.”  If you’re not familiar (which I’m sure you are) it’s basically the belief that if you “project” your dreams and desires out to the universe, that you’ll eventually receive them.  Even though I’m not a fan of this actual belief, I am a fan of reminding yourself consistently of what you want in life.

When I ventured onto a new path of a healthier lifestyle, I decided that this was it.  I was embracing it for better or worse, and there would be no going back.  I decided I needed something to remind me constantly of what I want because seeing it in front of your eyes is different than just thinking it.  So, I took two phrases I enjoy, jotted them down on some colorful paper with a sharpie, and taped them to my bathroom mirror.  Now, morning, noon and night, (or more often, depending on how much water I’ve been drinking) I am reminded of my goals.

So far, so good.  It’s really helping and has been a tremendous motivator in keeping me on track.


An excellent rule to live by: STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

A pattern of thoughts that help to create a healthy life.
A pattern of thoughts that help to create a healthy life.

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