So I’m officially a month into my new lifestyle.  I am at the point now where I’m not craving fatty foods and really sugary things.  I’m in a routine at the gym, and I look forward to it everyday.  I’m up to working out on the elliptical machine for an hour everyday, and when I added up my records from this week, I’ve officially ellipticaled (is that a word?) 25.54 miles. I pretty much consider myself a bad ass at this point.  :)

Today was my first day of integrating weights into my workout.  James was in town for one night, and we hit the gym for nearly two hours this morning.  She actually has a personal trainer in Austin, so we figured whatever weights she needed to do were probably right for me.  We did two machines for arms including the rowing machine and the chest press.  I am a serious weakling when it comes to my upper body, so it was embarassing how much I couldn’t lift.  I completed my three reps of twenty, so that’s good.  Legs were better, but not much.  We did four leg machines which I can’t really describe, nor do I remember their names.  Then we did the glute machine because I have no ass.

I’ve been playing tennis every night (except last night because I had to pick James up in Baltimore) and I think that’s really helping with my stamina, and especially with strenghtening my legs.  I did suicides for the first time on Wednesday and I did them in 28 seconds.  Not too bad for not having done them in over ten years.

I am beyond impressed with myself and what I’m capable of.  I’m pushing myself more than ever and it feels incredible.


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