Knowledge is Power

I’ve never been an overly political person. I’ve maintained knowledge on what goes on in our world, but I’ve tended to keep my opinions to myself. I’m not going to use this blog as a sounding board to try to get you to vote for one candidate over another, but I am going to use it to try to encourage any and everyone who reads it to V-O-T-E.

I know one of the major factors people look at when weighing their candidate options, is the War in Iraq. I had a conversation with someone who is in the Military a few weeks ago, and I asked him how important basing a vote on the War really was. He said straight up, that we as American’s shouldn’t vote on one issue. Especially the War. While McCain endorses the War for “as long as it takes” and Obama has been against it from the start, while Hilary somewhere in between. Ultimately, the President Elect will be forced to meet somewhere in the middle. Congress won’t allow a sudden pullout, and ALL of the Candidates are smart enough to know that. They politicize their wants and dreams, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to come to fruition.

Anyway – I encourage everyone out there to educate themselves on the issues that are going on in our world right now. Some of you have children – our next President is your children’s President!

We are on the cusp of a major change, and I for one, am optimistic because I think change is always a good thing.

Educate yourselves.

Here are a few links to some articles I’ve found interesting. They’re from the left AND the right, so don’t be too surprised to see some differing opinions!

From Newsweek, An article about how the War is changing soldiers:

From the East Carolinian, An Op/Ed Piece about Universal Health Care:

From the Washington Post, An article by Angelina Jolie supporting staying in Iraq to help with Humanitarian Aid:

From the LA Times, Article about Waterboarding:,1,218858.story

From the NY Times, McCain objects to broad US Aid during Mortgage Crisis:

From Rolling Stone, Obama & the Reverand Wright debacle:


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