Thankful & Grateful

It’s Thanksgiiiiiiiving!!  This year, I feel like I have an incredible amount of things to be grateful for.  I’m finally in a place where I have some direction, and I feel like I’ve made choices based on looking at the bigger picture.

I have committed to going to East Carolina University beginning in the Spring.  Well, beginning in January actually.  I visited Greenville last weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised by the town.  It’s a town ya’ll….I wouldn’t really call it a city.  The closest interstate is about 45 miles away, so living in a town without a major highway will be a new experience.  It looks like the bulk of my shopping will be done at Target as well because there isn’t a major mall in the city either.  Shopping is truly irrelevant at this point and I’m truly focused on doing well in school and finishing up.  I’ll be majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism, and minoring in Sociology.  I got a cute two bedroom apartment about 3 miles from campus (and everything else) and I just can’t wait to get started.  I’m moving down to NC on December 27th.  That gives me about two weeks to get settled in before classes start.  I’m really, really excited to get started on this next chapter.  :)

On to exceptionally great news, I got rid of my Audi.  Our love affair began to get rocky about this time last year, and the past few weeks have just really sent me over the edge.  I began looking at 05/06 Honda Accords a few days ago, but I immediately became frustrated because most dealers weren’t too thrilled with the prospect of trading my eight year old Audi in.  I was at the end of my rope yesterday evening when I ended up at a dealership in Woodbridge of all places.  Not only did I end up successful at trading in the Audi, I ended up in a 2008 Honda Civic of all things.  I had extremely low expectations for the Civic, but then again, the last time I was in a Civic was probably 4 years ago.  They have done a really good job redesigning the car, and I am ecstatic that I am the proud owner of my very first, brand new car.  I feel such a sense of relief that I now have a reliable car, with a warranty that will certainly get me through the next 5+ years.

This year has been up, down and all around, but I’m just really happy, and even happier that I have things to be grateful and thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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