The New York Recap


11:08 – Arrive in Manhattan to cloudy and rainy skies.

11:15 – Embarrassment takes over as the bellman hauls my 3 suitcases onto the cart to be taken upstairs. 3 suitcases for 4 days – I must look like a nut job.

11:24 – Am impressed by view of Statue of Liberty from hotel room.

11:30 – Chat with bellman about 9/11. He takes us to window overlooking ground zero from hotel and relives that morning. Incredible first hand account from an amazing man. Am no longer embarrassed about over packing, am in awe of his story telling.

11:42 – Make way to ground zero.

11:45 – Peer into hole that is ground zero. Pause for moment of silence.

11:47 – View memorial of 9/11 depicting the day as it unfolded.

11:57 – Starving.

12:00 – Begin trek to find lunch.

12:04 – End up at restaurant that used to be an old church. Order quesadillas and feel as though I could burst into flames at any point.

1:00 – Brave the rain to hail a cab.

1:02 – 12 cab’s have passed.

1:07 – Seriously, nobody is stopping.

1:11 – I hate the rain in NYC.

1:19 – A cab has stopped, I want to marry the driver.

2:00 – Arrive at the Met. Feel nauseated. Am hoping not all cab rides are equivalent to drunk roller coaster rides.

2:03 – Am over the Met.

2:05 – Seriously, the Met is not what I was expecting.

2:08 – Am more interested if the Met is where “the Thomas Crowne Affair” was filmed than the art that is exhibited.

2:10 – Venture into some ancient temple thing. Golf claps.

2:14 – Mom wants to see the Rembrandt Exhibit.

2:15 – Ooooooh, a bench.

3:00 – I want to go Shopping.

3:02 – I love the Met. There is a taxi stand right out front, which means limited waiting for a cab.

3:40 – Arrive at Macy’s. Cab ride was less nauseating than the last one.

3:41 – Enter Macy’s. Instantly nauseated at the masses of people.

3:43 – There is a Starbucks inside of Macy’s.

4:00 – Finally reach front of line at Starbucks. Retrieve my Frappacino from the bar, sit and reflect on the chaos of the day thus far.

4:01 – oooooooh, purses!

4:45 – Realize it’s time to head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at the Rainbow Room. Want to relax, shower and have time to get dressed up before our 8pm reservation.

4:49 – Am 14th in line at Macy’s Taxi Stand.

5:00 – I hate Macy’s.

5:11 – Maybe walking would be faster.

5:17 – Decide taking Subway might be faster.

5:30 – Am now on Subway headed downtown thanks to lovely subway attendant giving such excellent directions.

5:32 – Subway is becoming more crowded.

5:33 – Just got an elbow to the temple.

5:34 – Am feeling smothered.

5:40 – I want off the Subway.

5:55 – Where in GODS NAME are we?

5:59 – Nice man tells Mom that we are in Queens.

6:02 – On the verge of freaking out.

6:05 – Exit train to get on correct train to Manhattan.

6:06 – Only 32 stops to go.

7:30 – Arrive back at hotel room. Must leave for Rainbow Room in 20 minutes.

7:32 – Am pissed that I can not get ready in peace.

7:34 – Blow suitcases up all over room.

7:40 – Poke out eye with eyeliner in fit of rushing.

7:50 – Impressed with self for getting ready so quickly, while still looking pretty decent for having rushed, and spent most of the day in the rain.

7:52 – Everyone in Manhattan has come to our hotel to get a cab.

7:55 – I hate people.

8:01 – Town car pulls up asking if people want to pay flat fare for a driver as opposed to metered cab.

8:03 – Am warm and comfortable in town car headed to Rainbow Room.

8:30 – Arrive at Rainbow Room.

8:35 – I love the Rainbow Room.

9:10 – Enjoy Tomato Caprice Salad and Tuna tartar.

9:25 – Contemplate feeling guilty for ordering veal for dinner.

9:40 – Loving the view of the Empire State Building from 80 something floors up.

10:01 – Veal Scalopini arrives. Realize ordering veal is best decision I’ve ever made.

10:43 – Ridiculously satisfied. So tired.

Midnight – Fast asleep.


8:30 – Wake up in anticipation of seeing Cyrano de Bergerac on Broadway! Jennifer Garner & Kevin Kline will be amazing.

8:41 – Hear that Broadway stagehands are going on strike effective immediately. All but 8 shows cancelled.

8:43 – Am pissed show is cancelled.

9:00 – Get ready for the day. Brunch at Tavern on the Green coming up!

10:36 – Arrive at Tavern on the Green.

10:40 – Am wondering who decorated Tavern. Looks like floral shop threw up everywhere.

10:50 – Mimosa is delicious.

11:02 – Am loving the decor!

11:33 – Thoroughly enjoying brunch. Not so pissed about cancelled show anymore.

12:00 – Venture into Central Park.

12:02 – Am in awe of how my feet don’t hurt walking around in 3 inch heels.

12:04 – The grass is so green. So pretty.

12:07 – Fall Foliage might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

12:10 – Want to cut off feet.

12:11 – Would prefer to walk around barefoot on glass than be in heels anymore.

12:30 – Stumble into Columbus Circle.

12:31 – I see shopping!!! Desperate. For. Flats.

12:33 – Spend $135 on black flats from J.Crew.

12:34 – Feel like entirely new person. Am loving life.

12:51 – Decide instead of cancelled Broadway show, will do another museum. Yippee.

12:59 – Hail cab to Museum of Modern Art.

1:17 – Am wondering if people are really into the art, or just trying to impress other people.

1:19 – There sure are some snobs here.

1:21 – Discover that Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Warhol and Pollock are all exhibited at MOMA.

1:30 – Race through museum to get to “The Starry Night.”

1:35 – Expectations far exceeded upon viewing “Starry Starry Night” in person. Can’t stop staring.

1:43 – This is my favorite museum ever.

2:57 – Exhausted from the MOMA excitement, it’s time for a break.

3:20 – Arrive at the Waldorf Astoria for cocktails.

3:21 – the Waldorf Astoria does “high tea” on Saturdays. Forget the alcohol, bring on the tea. Elation ensues.

3:43 – Have decided that Heaven is Darjeeling tea and snacks.

4:45 – Decide that Empire State Building is a “must see.”

5:00 – Arrive at Empire State Buidling. Along with every other tourist on the island of Mahanttan.

5:59 – Make it to the 80th floor of Empire State Building. Neat view.

6:00 – Over it.

6:43 – Arrive back at hotel to get ready for dinner uptown.

6:53 – Decide that ordering a New York Pizza pie sounds better than dining out.

8:00 – Sink teeth into best Pizza ever. Am ruined for life as far as pizza goes.

9:43 – Exhaustion takes over. Lights out.


9:00 – Decide on breakfast at dive around the corner. Am not excited.

9:33 – This is the best breakfast ever.

10:45 – Viva Times Square.

11:01 – Begin search for “naked cowboy.”

11:03 – Apparently “naked cowboy” takes Sunday’s off. Growl.

11:22 – Love affair with Times Square is over.

11:30 – Cab to Washington Square park.

11:33 – Enjoy Washington Square Park. Feel slightly Parisian.

12:00 – Venture into SoHo for lunch & shopping.

4:00 – Head back to Hotel.

5:00 – Scrap dinner plans for Tao. Decide staying near hotel is better…sick of cab rides.

6:02 – Discover Robert Deniro co-owns restaurant up the street in Tribecca. Make reservations.

7:33 – Arrive at Tribecca Grill for dinner.

7:35 – Tribecca Grill has a cheese plate for dessert. I am ecstatic.

8:00 – Enjoy French Onion Soup and Endive, blue cheese, apple, walnut salad for dinner. Phenomenal doesn’t even describe it.

8:25 – Am beyond excited about cheese.

8:40 – Select 6 cheeses from around the world to try.

9:00 – Am in heaven with cheese.

9:16 – Realize that Tribecca Grill is best meal of trip from start to finish. Including cab rides.

10:00 – Am ready to go home.


9:00 – Cab to Hello Deli. If you watch Letterman, you’re familiar.

9:43 – Dad fulfills lifetime dream of meeting Rupert, owner of Hello Deli.

10:00 – Breakfast at a French Patisserie.

11:00 – Retrieve car from valet. Hit the road.

Bye bye New York.


One thought on “The New York Recap

  1. Loved this trip…great family vacation…highlight was ground zero…every American should go lest they forget…very moving and massive space…empty space…so sad and yet this air of heaviness…I visited the WTC when I was 16 and remember standing at the bottom of one of the towers and looking up…so high…so when I looked up and tried to remember how they looked I was very sad to see sky…and angry…all of the joints in our hotel were damaged on 9/11…

    Culture galore…MOMA was my fav and the Monet Water Lillies was unspeakably beautiful…light on water…and Van Gogh’s Starry Night. was could someone so sad paint something so joyful…but the Pollacks…wow…I don’t have words…and some of the Picassos I really could get into but others I was just thinking, “hummmm, I don’t get it, cuz, hmmmmm, that ear, it just does not go there…” but all these people around me were ooohing and ahhhing and I just wanted to start giggling or lauging or ask someone if they accidently might have hung it upside down…maybe?

    Let’s just say I’m still not speaking to the stagehands on Broadway for going dark…they’ll just have to go on without me…high tea was great though and loved the piano player…

    And us within 5 feet of eachother for 96 hours…without resulting in any physical violence…who says we can’t get along…good times. Tribecca Grill was fantastic…where were you Bobby???

    And a gold star to Elmer for standing out in the rain trying to hail a cab from the RR for what seemed like hours…so determined…only to finally have Natalie negotiate us a Towncar…”blue eyes crying in the rain…”

    Thanks Natalie for documenting this for posterity.

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