Dreaming of Deutschland

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. Reliving some of my favorite moments while living in Germany. My dreams have taken me back to those moments, special times in my heart, and reminders of the amazing places I’ve been.

I’m holding the extra tall coke in my hand that makes an American coke can look like a dwarf. The hot pretzel with melted swiss cheese stuffed inside is keeping my hand warm as ‘m walking down cobblestone streets that are older than I can fathom. The smell of flowers is on the tip of my nose. It’s coming from the market just around the corner where we would get fresh bread and veggies, not to mention deliciously smelly cheese. The Neckar river, lapping in the distance, sparkling like champagne as the sun plays on the water. Biking through the garden platz, down old paths and rolling hills, the wind and the trees, blowing by so quickly. The joy of a lazy picnic in the lush green grass; Lucky enough to stumble upon a pickup soccer game, dancing in the shadow of an ancient castle.

I will always taste the salt of the warm pretzel, washed down by the chill of the coke, standing on the Haupstrasse, breathing in the beauty, of a gorgeous country.


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