In Harms Way

I recently read the book “In Harms Way,” and I feel as though it is my duty to share it with the world. The story is about the USS Indianapolis and it’s role in World War II. I was amazed that I never learned anything about this story throughout all of the years I’ve spent in school.

The short version is that the Indianapolis is sent on a secret mission in the south pacific and ultimately sinks and the surviving sailors are left at sea for four days before the Navy even notices that they are missing. It’s a story of will and survival and I’ve never read anything more amazing. Add to the boat sinking, dehydration and shark attacks and you get a pretty interesting story.

I finished the book on the beach in South Carolina and I already want to read it again. Sounds crazy, but I can’t get over how fascinated I am by what these men went through.

Strangly enough, “shark week” starts on the discovery channel this Sunday. Guess what they are premiering “shark week” with. “The true story of the men who survived the USS Indianapolis sinking.” Glorious.

Read this book. It’s amazing.


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