Add this to the list…

Today, I did something I haven’t done since I was 16.  I went to a tanning salon.  Eek!!  It’s so anti everything I believe in, yet I still did it.  My reasoning is this:  The last few times I’ve done mystic tan, it’s come out more orange than brown, and I just really don’t feel like being harassed by my old high school friends at a friends wedding on the 12th.  I decided that I’d suck it up and use the tanning beds to achieve as natural a tan as possible over the next 9 days.  I was fine until I closed the tanning bed down over me, and realized that along with a new fear of flying as I get older, I am now claustrophobic.  Sweet jesus…not a good feeling.

…And I got burned.  It’s pretty much a disaster.  I’m doing the standing up one next time…I can’t deal with the whole “locked in a coffin” feeling I got today.

Thank god I don’t do this shit frequently.


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