So. In the last few days, it has come out that the Virginia Tech shooter went to middle and high school in Fairfax County. Actually, he went to Westfields High School, which was built to handle the overflow from Chantilly (where I graduated), and Centreville High schools. He lived in Centreville, which was 4 miles from my old house in Chantilly. He attended high school with people I know. To know that I was in his presence at one time or another is disgusting.

The media keeps talking about how he was bullied and taunted in school. I am beyond furious at how this might make Fairfax County schools look. These are some of the best schools in the nation, and we’re allowing him to give a “reason” for his actions?? I’m pretty sure that EVERY child is bullied, made fun of or embarassed at some point in their school career. That doesn’t make the school or it’s students bad. OR give license to commit such a horrific act.

I am also terribly disappointed in the media for allowing his multi media manifesto to be aired on television. I can not imagine the sense of pain the families of the victims, as well as the entire VT community must have felt upon seeing it splashed on the screen. Their main reason for airing them was “to possibly get an explanation.” Okay, I get that. But couldn’t they have just gone through the package and REPORTED what they found? Instead they air pictures of what it must have looked like for the victims to see in their last moments. A mockery of what was about to happen. He’s getting exactly what he wants. He has the world captivated by his horrendous actions, and he is the center of the story, as opposed to the 32 lives he took. Disgusting.

I feel so disconnected being so far away. I know the whole commonwealth of Virginia is grieving for the Hokies, just like the rest of the nation. But, when it happens to your state, I think it makes it just a little bit more awful. Being from Virginia, there is such a connection to not only Tech, but all of the schools in the state. When most of your graduating class goes to Virginia Tech, you feel tied to it. To know the cities, the schools, the people…it’s just so….real. It’s hard being so far away…to not really have someone to relate with here.

UT turned off the lights in the tower tonight as a memorial. I’m hoping to see a lot of Maroon & Orange around town tomorrow…


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