Trying Times

Crazy, awful weekend. Sadly, a weekend I’d been looking forward to for over a month. Our friend Lindsey came into town, and it was to be a packed few days of fun times. Lindsey arrived on Friday and we hung out, and eventually made our way to a bar called “Cool River.” We had a great time, but towards the end of the night, after only 5-6 beers over the course of 4 hours, I felt incredibley drunk. I’ve definitely had more than that, in a shorter amount of time, and never felt how I did that night. Hell, I had more to drink at the Pat Green concert in Corpus Christi a few weeks ago and it had little effect. Anyway – we came home, went to bed, and that was that. Or so I thought.

I woke up at 6am on Saturday morning, stumbling to the bathroom with the intense need to vomit. I felt like I had drank an entire bottle of tequilla or something. The vomiting started at 6am, and I was still throwing up every 20 minutes at 6pm. 12 straight hours! NO CLUE WHY I experienced such a harsh reaction to such an insignificant amout of beer. I ended up driving myself to the ER at my Mom’s advice because by this point, I was completely deyhdrated. I couldn’t hold down soup, or even water…

I was @ the hospital for four solid hours getting 2 IV bags, anti-nausea medicine, given a blood test and some headache medicine. The doctor was even perplexed when I had explained my night before, and she was suprised at my crazy reaction. She did say that sometimes once your stomach gets queasy, its hard to slow it down, and you just keep throwing up because it’s so irritated.

By the time I received the IV fluids, I was feeling much better, although I was left with a nasty headache which was probably due to my not eating anything all day. Once I drove myself home, I ate a bowl of soup and collapsed into bed.

I’ve been on the couch ever since, because I continued to have a headache even this morning when I woke up. I also still feel exhausted, and just, drained.

Last night was eerie. To be so ill and have to drive yourself to the ER and be your only source of comfort through the ordeal is unsettling. I wasn’t necessarily afraid of experiencing a night like last night, but it would have been comforting to have someone along with me. To see everyone else in the waiting room with a family member was difficult…It was lonely in some sense of the word…

It’s probably silly, because it’s not like this is something that happens all that frequently…it just sort of put things into perspective…


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