Hot & Hotter

I’ve been back in Austin for about two months now, and I totally forgot that Texas has two seasons. Hot, and hotter. Literally. In the summer it soars to over 100 degrees, and today, it was 80. It’s 10 days til Christmas and I’m still dealing with summer like weather! I’m really not bitching, I’m just trying to adapt.

Growing up, I always lived somewhere that had different seasons. When I could start to see my breath in the air, I knew it was getting close to the holidays. I don’t get that here, so my brain is just confused. I know Christmas is less than two weeks away, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. And, I’m pretty sure that 80 degrees in mid december is NOT normal. Even for Austin.

I’m heading to DC next week where the high will be in the low 40’s. I’ll have to take my big suitcase just so I can shove my winter coat, boots and sneakers in there, but hey, at least it will feel like the holidays. :)


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