I’m a sucker for good television. And by good television, I mean shows that have great writing and plots that you can’t predict. For me, it all started with the show “Six Feet Under.” It’s one of my favorite shows of all time, and I think it will hold it’s reign until I leave this earth. It’s inspiring, it’s tragic, it’s funny and it makes you think. I just realized that I wrote about it as though it were still on the air, but maybe that’s because it still lives in my heart.

It wasn’t until Grey’s Anatomy that I felt that love for a show again. The writing was there, even though the show was much more fluffy than SFU.

Then came Dexter. I got sucked into Dexter almost as quickly as I did SFU. Ironically, the lead character is played by Michael C. Hall, who also played one of the main characters in SFU. The show is brilliant because it takes such a sick thing like a serial killer, and makes it human. The show has all the right ingredients to be a gore fest, but it’s the opposite. It makes you root for the proverbial “bad guy,” and truly makes your brain think. If you don’t get showtime or haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Season one is almost finished, so catch up on the dvd’s if you can.

I hate talking about TV because it makes me sound so superficial. But at the same time, I think smart and genius entertainment is the best sort.


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