Over the past few years I have been surrounded by negative and sad situations. I have let them get under my skin and affect me entirely too much. These scenario’s do impact me, but, I don’t need to let them affect my mood or my happiness. Something clicked in me today that I can’t do anything to control the outcome of the problems surrounding those around me. I can try to be supportive and be honest, but ultimately, the choice to change is up to the individual person.

Today I am choosing happiness. I could let the negativety bring me down again, but instead, I’m embracing the good.

I have great friends, I’m in a city I love, I have a job, I got into a 4 year university, and I have endless possibility. I am thinking of the good, not the bad.

Tomorrow holds our housewarming party which will be great. People we haven’t seen in ages are coming so it should be fun. Drinking, mingling and being in Austin will rule. :)

I think our friend Jorge is going to move in with us in a few weeks. He’s in the military and gets back from Kosovo in a few weeks, and I am super pumped at seeing him again. It’s been entirely too long to go without seeing one of my favorite human beings on the planet.

Today is good. Tomorrow will be even better.



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