Round one of the job interviews started today. Part of me hates the idea of waiting tables again, but the other part is looking forward to being a contributing member of society again. I hate that I’ve gone two months without a job after promising myself I’d find employment as soon as I was done at Nortel. I shouldn’t hate it too much since I was hired as a bartender in Raleigh — but I guess that is what happens when you suddenly pick up and move to a new part of the country.

Austin is different then I imagined. I always picture flowers, puppies, and candy when I move to a new place. Metaphorically speaking of course. The problem is, even if you’re in a new location, you’re still the same person, with the same problems. I truly can’t wait to start working, have a life, and for classes to start in January.

Austin has been incredibly lonely which was something I wasn’t planning on. Of course, that happens when you’re not working, not socializing, and only know a handful of people in town. Again, once the employment & school ball gets rolling, I’m sure that will change. Lonliness doesn’t do much for the funk though. I know I’m almost thru the funk though. Employment is coming soon, and classes are right around the corner. I’m on the upside of the downhill slide and things can only get better from here.


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