Town Lake

I’ve been walking like a crazy person after finally hitting up one of Austin’s treasures, Town Lake. Town lake is esentially the Colorado river, which runs straight thru downtown, and there are all kinds of hiking trails around the lake. I’ve been walking btween 3 and 5 miles per day and I love it. Over the course of a few days, I’ve observed the following:

1. Random guy on unicycle sprintig on the trails
2. A basket of dog toys from a dog with a note that said “I’m Bart, these are my toys to share with all the other puppies out to play.”
3. A man who was probably in his 50’s with a “Spring Break 2006” t-shirt on. It was creepy.
4. A homeless man in a winter coat in 85 degrees who got randomly pissed, started yelling, and threw his belongings off of the bridge we were on.

Austin has such a unique flavor with such strangely awesome people.

Love it.


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