Where I claim

So I was updating my MySpace profile this morning, and I reached the box that asks for your “hometown.” I always struggle with this one, but I finally came to the realization that the DC area is where I claim. I was born there, I graduated high school there, and completed some college credits there. Overall, if you add everything up, I’ve spent approx 8 years there. More importantly, I spent my formative years there.

I started thinking of how I should claim the town. It’s such an interesting area georgraphy wise. I technically grew up in Fairfax Country, which is 15 miles from the District. Most people refer to the area as NOVA – Northern Virginia. While the other half of the population simply refers to it as DC. It’s just easier that way. Out of towners never get the whole NOVA thing, so it turns into a drawn out conversation about geography. Silly, I know. People are protective of where they live though, even if it’s all within the same vicinity. For instance, Loudon, Fairfax, Arlington and Price William Counties all make up NOVA. But people from Arlington will NEVER claim NOVA because Arlington is closer to the city and has more of a prestigious sound. People in Loudon, the furthest suburb from DC will quickly claim NOVA for the cool factor, even though they’re 35 miles away.

Arlington is approx 5 miles from DC, Fairfax county, maybe 11 miles, Prince William, 20 miles, and Loudon approx 35 miles. Don’t even get me started on Maryland.

This all goes back to my confusion on where to lay claim. Washington DC? Northern Virginia? Fairfax, VA? The DC Metro Area? But people are so weird about it! If you live in the region, and not the actual District, but SAY you’re from DC, people say, “well, you don’t actually live IN the distric, so therefor you’re not from DC.”

Well, here is my thought after thinking about this thoroughly. I had to experience the traffic and the cost of living of Washington DC., therefor, I should get the right to claim DC.

The Washington Redskins actually play football in Maryland, George Washington University is in the district, even though GW is FROM VIrginia, the CIA, a federal program, is based out of Northern Virginia, Baltimore/Washington Airport is in Maryland and Washington Dulles is in Virginia. It’s all very incestuous.

I was googling some facts on the area and how it’s geographicaly divided, and I stumbled upon this:

“Northern Virginia, one of the busiest places in the country. worst traffic, and dirty politicians. yeah we got our yuppies..but we still ride hard.

ya im from NOVA bitch…”

I think that about sums it up.


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