Give and Take

So, I was watching E! News earlier, for lack of anything else on TV, and i was stunned to hear something Ryan Seacrest said. They showed a clip of him on the “Ellen” show where he was asking her about her encounter with the paparazi after a recent car accident. He went on to condem the paparazi and their ridiculous behavior in this day and age. Now, I am the first person to ridicule their obseneness of their tactics, but then again, I don’t make a living reporting celebrity gossip.

Here is a guy who makes millions of dollars a year reporting every move A-List celebrities make. He not only hosts a radio show in LA, he is the host of one of the biggest gossip news magazine TV shows on a network that is ruled by celebrities and their lives. Ryan Seacrest would just be the host of American Idol if it weren’t for celebrities and the bittersweet following called the paparazi. Where are the news photos splashed on tv from? Did Seacrest take those himself? No.

Celebrities must face the harsh reality that if they are going to make $20 million per movie, then the public is going to be interested in their lives. Actors, Musicians, Athletes — they have to be aware that by being a public figure, they’re going to be targeted as human interest stories on a regular basis.

It makes me sick that these celebs bitch, moan and cry when they’re being followed to the parties they are being paid $150,000 to attend with their $7,000 handbags, $100,000 diamond jewlery, and $500,000 cars. Life takes sacrafice, and if having pictures taken as they leave restaurants, walk through airports and shop on Roberson is one of their biggest sacrifices, then so be it.

I have to say that I stopped buying gossip magazines after the whole “Britney almost dropped Sean Preston by tripping over a curb in NY because the paparazi were walking in front of her” incident. I quickly realized that the money I was spending on the magazines was going straight to the paparazi for that first picture of Suri Cruise that went for a cool $2 million. Anyway, I watched an interview with Britney on 20/20 where she talked about how she never used to mind the paparazi, but when they interfered with the well being of her child, she drew te line. These people are endangering a 6 month old child by trying to get a picture worth $5,000.

I get that it’s a two way street. The paparazi have to make a living, and the celebs need to live their lives in as much normalcy as possible. But nothing celebs do is normal, so don’t they have to loosen up a little bit and just allow the pictures to be taken? And shouldn’t the paparazi step back when innoncent children are involved?


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