In the last 24 hours, I feel like I have been given “signs.” Typically I don’t believe in such things, but, it seems as though the timing is right, and said “signs” are pointing me in a direction I need to go. Yesterday for instance, I was watching Oprah. The show was all about doing good, and making changes, and stepping outside of your comfort zone to better yourself. My horroscope, which I never hold to be true, also talked about the timing of my life to be perfect to take that “big step” to change. And lastly, in a book I am reading, the author was talking about how much change can be akward, yet it can be the most rewarding thing.

I think I’m going to follow the signs and make an attept at stepping outside the proverbial box. I truly have a great life, and I don’t feel like I am living it to the best of my ability. I think about those less fortunate, or those who died young or unexpectadly, who never had the opportunity to live. I have the chance – why am I letting it pass me by?

I’m not exactly sure where to begin in changing, but I do want to make a concious effort to do things that might not be comfortable at first, and really see what is out there in life for me to experience.

On another note…James and I were discussing our love of the author Augusten Burroughs, and how we feel it is our sole duty in life to tell people about him. And that if you haven’t read him, then well, you’re not living life either. :) My obsession with him began a few years back when I picked up “Running with Scissors.” I went back for seconds, and discovered the book “Dry.” Currently I’m reading “Magical Thinking,” and I can’t put it down. Here is a man who was given away to his Mom’s delusional psychatrist and raised in the most obsurd way, yet somehow, I can relate to him. He turned his tragic childhood into a masterpiece of art, and I can’t get enough. Everything that I have read makes me wish the stories would never end, and I truly wish that everyone on the face of the planet would read his stories. We think our lives are so tragic and awful…seriously – you ain’t seen nothing yet. Except that while the majority of us wallow in our misery, Augusten is turning his misery into something positively entertaining. Something that that makes the light in our own lives a little brighter.


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