lack of importance

I really wish I had something profound to write about, as I’m totally in that kind of mood. Sadly, I’ve got nothing interesting, and instead of interesting topics to pick your brain, I’m going to ramble on about nothingness. But hey, at least I warned you first.

I got my car fixed. Again. For the 2nd time in two weeks. $800 later, the “check engine light” on the Audi has finally shut off. I did find out that I’m probably going to have to replace my timing belt soon, and that’s just another $1,600. Awesome. The only good out of this is that it now drives like it’s supposed to…as in, being a stick it’s supposed to be sporty and zippy, as opposed to tired and cranky as it’s been acting. The zip and excitment is definitely back and it’s fun to drive again. It will remain fun until I have to drop more money into maintaining it, and then I will kick it and wish I was still driving my 1993 Honda Accord from High School. Growl.

I am leaving DC tomorrow. Officially. I was going to leave today, but, by the time the car was fixed, it was 5:30 and there was no way in hell I was going to sit on 95 going southbound. No thanks. I have to get up and leave by 9am, as I have to be in Raleigh for a Bourbon tasting/training being held by Jim Beam’s great grandson. Neat, huh? I’m excited to see who my co-workers are going to be and to meet the bar Manager. I’m also excited to get details on when the real training starts because seriously, I NEED to start making money!!!

I’m also excited about unpacking and living my life again. Being in my own space, in my own apartment, with my own remote control, shower, washer/dryer, couch, etc… I am not excited about the possibilities of what my apartment might smell like though. I’m pretty sure that I took out all the trash before I left, but I did turn the air off, and it’s been 2.5 weeks, so I’m sure it’s going to be hot and stuffy to begin with…and I’m pretty scared to open my fridge and see what kind of science projects have begun to spawn in there. Good thing training hasn’t started officially yet — at least this way I can get back into the swing of things before I start working 85 hours a second once the bar opens. :)

That’s all I got for now. I need to get some sleep so I can hit the road in the morning. More from Raleigh later!


Oh. This is lame, but, I wanted to share. I usually don’t get into a lot of new shows that premiere in the fall, but this year is actually an exception. I’m pretty into a few new shows, which is highly unusual as I tend to only watch Entourage and Grey’s religiously. Here is what I’m into, and plan on watching thru the season:

The Normals:
– Amazing Race
– Greys
– Lost
– Entourage ( not on right now, but wtf ever )

The New Ones:
– Six Degrees
– Heroes
– The Nine
– Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip

…Again, not that it’s important at all, but I just wanted to share. And who knows – once I start working again, I’ll probably forget about all these new shows and tv in general. But for now, it’s keeping me entertained.



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