le boring

My time in DC is coming to a close. I’m heading back to Raleigh on Wednesday to attend a bar thing on Thursday. There is a bourbon training/tasting that is being held by Jim Beams great-grandson @ the bar so that should be interesting. It’s always good to learn things about the product you’re going to be selling! :) I’m excited to get back into my “real life” and training is supposed to officially begin next week. Seriously – it couldn’t come sooner. I have to start making some effing money, and saving for my move!!!

I’m anxious to get home and to my mail, especially to my Texas State information. I’m dying to see how my credits transferred in and what kind of GPA I will have going in. I got into the Mass Comm program, but I’m thinking of changing that to a major in management with an entrepreneural focus. I just want to FINISH.

Anyway — boring update, I know. But right now, life is slow, and life is boring. So boring updates is what you shal get.



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