More on Austin…

Ok. So in my fit of excitement earlier, I posted a pathetic, uninformative message about Texas State. Now time for a more detailed entry. :)

In the 8 years since high school, I have moved 5 times. From DC to TX, TX to DC, DC back to TX, TX back to DC, DC to Raleigh. I’ve attended 3 schools in that timeframe. Northern Virginia Community College, Austin Community College, and the University of Phoenix Online. I didn’t apply to any 4 year schools my senior year of high school, as I wasn’t modivated, and was quite honestly scared at the rejection I might face. I decided to go to NOVA, and had zero enthusiasm about it. My first semester I think I had a 1.2. Not because I flat out failed classes after completing a semester, but because I failed to drop them, and instead just failed for lack of attendence. Stupid of me. I had to work REALLY hard to bring that GPA back up to something that was even remotely in the “C” average. I didn’t really do well the first year of school as a whole, so it was difficult to bring it up. However, when I was in Austin, I was more modivated and enjoyed the school. My average at ACC was a 3.0, and my average at UOP was a 3.9. So, all in all, I really turned it around to a place where I could get into an actual university.

When I applied a few weeks ago, I was nervous as shit. I was scared of rejection, and I wasn’t sure how my transfer GPA would be calculated. Evidentely it was calculated well enough to get me in, so that works for me. I got into the school of Mass Communication and classes start January 16th.

I am slightly overwhelmed at how quickly I need to make this happen, but, it seems like the timing is right. My lease is up on my apartment in Raleigh on February 1st so I will only have to pay 1 months rent to get me out of the apartment by January. I feel bad that I’m going to be leaving the bar so soon after we open, but I do plan on giving them all that I can while I’m here. I want to work as much as humanely possible so that I can save, save, save. Renting a u-haul is never cheap, and we all know that moving into a new place and setting everything up is expensive.

I really in a way can’t believe that I’m moving back. I mean, I can, but I can’t. I just need to remember that feeling I have when I’m in Texas. That feeling where I want to breathe in deeply and take as much of Texas as I can with me. I’m so grateful that I still have Dennis and James and that we’re going to be able to experience the city a second time around together. Older, wiser, yet remarkably the same.

To feel a sense of belonging is so foreign to me, but I feel like I belong in Texas. And belonging to something…anything…is an incredible feeling to have.


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