Fashion Smashon!

I’m not big on style…ask any one of my friends. I like to keep it simple, and comfortable. Jeans, t-shirts, sweat shirts, flip flops. I’ve been like that forever, and I really don’t plan on changing. I don’t spend a significant amount of money on my wardrobe…old navy & gap will suffice. However, I do have one weakness when it comes to one small fasion accessory.


I LOVE sunglasses. It all started about 6 years ago while I was @ Dulles Town Center belive it or not. My dad had wanted to go into a sunglass store to get his shades fixed, and I was browsing. I had always been the girl who lost or broke her cheap gas station glasses, so I never gave it a thought. But, as I saw the frames lined against the wall, my entire thought process changed. There were enormous frames with blacked out lenses, small frames with smoked out lenses, gucci, coach, prada, armani…i wanted them all.

My first induglance in the world of sunglasses was Gucci. They were big & black and I loved them. They lasted me two years until I lost them. I actually cried when I realized I couldn’t find them. Pathetic, I know. But I truly loved them. In order to replace my beloved Gucci’s, I got another pair of Gucci’s – similar in style, just a more updated version. Go figure, I found the “lost” pair 6 months later when I was moving. I loved my Gucci’s, they were extremely good to me.

Two summers ago I was at the mall buying some stuff for a friend who had recently had a baby. I was @ Nordstrom, and I wandered over to the Sunglasses section. Kate Spade, Fendi, & Marc Jacobs all stared back at me with their gorgeous colors and spectacular design. I had been working hard, so I treated myself to a pair of large, black Coach glasses that were dotted with mini rhinestones. Sigh.

Today I went to Tysons with my Mom. We were walking through Macy’s, and we passed the Sunglasses. I’m not the only one who has a weakness for them, it runs in the family. We walked over without saying a word, and immediately asked the sales clerk to see the glasses. I tried them all on. Armani shades that made me look like a bug, Coach glasses that were the color of pink roses, Gucci’s that I could barely see through they were so dark…and then I put on the Fendi’s. They were made for me. The color, the tint, the size…specifically engineered for me. I fell in love, and the Fendi’s are mine.

Like I said. I’m not big into fashion, but I’m a sucker for sunglasses. I’m still a girl afterall…



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