John Mayer. I was a big fan a few years back. And maybe the title of “big fan” is an understatement. I was obsessed. And let me explain my obsession. I was not obsessed with his “running through the halls of his highschool” and “bodies being wonderlands” songs. I was obsessed with the stuff we didn’t hear on the radio. Lyrically, the guy is a genius. Oh, and he can seriously play the guitar. I lived by those lyrics…they were my life, only in words I couldn’t articulate. I loved both cd’s…”Room for Squares,” and “Heavier Things.” It’s been almost 2 years since his last cd came out, and I just downloaded the newest one that came out yesterday, “Continuum.”

Bravo John.

I hadn’t heard any reviews on the cd, and when I listened to the 30 second samples that iTunes provides, I was so excited that he went in a new direction. The songs have a more bluesy sound, and I’m super excited about it. It’s got a……sting/clapton sound that makes me want to get a glass of wine, wrap myself in a blanket, and just listen.

It’s genius, and I’m excited.

Had to share.



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