Tick, Tick, Boom

I recently went through an experience that involved going at a speed of what felt like 9,000 miles per hour, and then suddenly hitting a wall. Metaphorically speaking of course. There was a friendship that picked back up after quite some time, accelerated from zero to 9,000 in what felt like 4.2 seconds, and then ultimately, crashed and disintegrated.

How do we deal with such occurrences? Take them as a sign? If the friendship was meant to last, it would have? Or should I have tried harder to salvage what was left of the damage?

But here is the thing. I was blamed for the proverbial wreck. For the most part, I was the driver according to the metaphorical passenger. I got attacked for my actions, or lack thereof, thus resulting in the said wreck. In my opinion though, it was though we were on a runaway train with nobody at the helm, that was destined for catastrophe.

Isn’t it possible that nobody could be to blame? That we’re all just a victim of circumstance? That life isn’t fair and sometimes we’re thrown from a wild ride for a reason?

I’ve moved past it by now, but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t need to get it out. To set the record straight; even if just for myself.

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